Server Information

The survival server runs on Paper Spigot 1.19.2, with some custom additions to the vanilla Minecraft mechanics. Below is a list of details that are “vanilla+” additions.


This server uses chips as its currency for purchasing in-game items and charms. Mining, fishing, and monster hunting are the activities that players can do to earn more chips!

Economy Commands
  • /balance – Used to check the current balance of chips in one’s account.
  • /balancetop – Displays the top 10 richest players on the server.
  • /pay [name] [amt] – Pays the specified player the specified amount.


Upon exploring the various worlds, players will encounter NPCs that offer a variety of things. Some are shopkeepers, while others grant quests or teleportation. To interact with any NPC, make sure to be close to them and right-click.

Farm Harvesting

Players can right-click fully grown crops to have them automatically harvest and replant. This makes it a lot faster to gather materials from them since they no longer need to be harvested and replanted separately.

Home System

To make navigating the server a bit easier, players have the ability to save up to two homes on the server’s survival world. These saved homes can be teleported back to if a player is out of combat and not near enemy monsters.

Using the Home System

/sethome [name] – This command is used to save a home to the specified name slot.

/delhome [name] – This command is used to delete a home from the specified name slot.

/home [name] – This command is used to teleport to a saved home slot. Using this command without a name will list the home names available to the player.

Teleportation Charges

Teleportation stones can be gathered from various different ways ingame. These stones are used to let players teleport freely throughout the server worlds. If a player doesn’t have any charges, they can restock using the following methods:

  • Mob drops (low chance)
  • Mining (low chance)
  • Fishing (low chance)
  • Quest rewards (quest dependent)
  • NPC merchant (located at spawn)

The following commands will consume a teleport charge:

  • /home (used to teleport to a saved home)
  • /tpr (teleport request to a user)
  • /back (teleport back to your previous location)
  • /rtp (random teleport within the survival world)

The following commands are free of charge:

  • /spawn – Returns the player back to the spawn hub world.

…And more!

There are tons of other features to discover once players join!

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